For over 20 years HealthClaim Review® has provided well written, detailed and comprehensive review of disability records. We have assisted leading disability insurers and administrators with accurate and timely determinations of disability cases.


The unique attribute of our reviews is the thorough explicit written rationale for our recommendations. Disability reviewers must perform due diligence to all the facts of the case as presented in the file. Clear file analysis by the reviewer supports a sound benefit decision. Our board certified physician specialists provide clear and thorough discussion in response to our clients’ specific questions.


Comprehensive file and medical record review may include as requested by client:


  • Policy-based recommendations and determinations
  • Own occupation evaluations including review of FCE (Functional Capacity Evaluation)
  •  Limitations and restrictions
  •  Complications of pregnancy
  •  Determination of need for IME (Independent Medical Evaluation)
  •  Written evaluation and opinions on IMEs previously performed
  •  Waiver of Premium Opinion
  •  Pre-existing issues
  •  Covered residual disability
  •  Comprehensive mental health evaluation


 The above services are provided with excellent turnaround times to support client operational requirements.